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In general, each day will start with a continental breakfast, a couple of hours of papers, a coffee break, a couple of hours of papers and then lunch. After lunch there will be discussion sessions or commercial presentations on the Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday afternoon will be free for delegates to spend as they wish and the conference will end at lunchtime on Thursday. On Tuesday evening there will be the Annual General Meeting of the IFCA followed by the Rump Session where delegates can present short talks.

Preliminary schedule

Please note that this program is subject to change. In particular, we are awaiting confirmation of our second keynote speaker.

Monday 11 March
0900-0915 Opening Comments Nicko van Someren, General Chair
Welcome address Renee Webb, Minister for Telecommunications and e-Commerce
Keynote: e-Business Development in Bermuda Nigel Hickson, Ministry of e-Commerce, Bermuda
1100-1130 Break
1130-1300 Anonymity and Payments

Reliable MIX Cascade Networks through Reputation Roger Dingledine, Paul Syverson

Off-line Payments with Auditable Tracing Dennis Kugler, Holger Vogt

Fileteller: Paying and Getting Paid for File Storage John Ioannidis, Sotiris Ioannidis, Angelos Keromytis, Vassilis Prevelakis
Tuesday 12 March
0900-1100 Auctions

Secure Combinatorial Auctions by Dynamic Programming with Polynomial Secret Sharing Koutarou Suzuki, Makoto Yokoo

A Second-price Sealed-bid Auction with the Discriminant of the p_0-th Root Kazumasa Omote, Atsuko Miyaji

A Two-Server, Sealed-Bid Auction Protocol Ari Juels, Michael Szydlo

Secure Vickrey Auctions without Threshold Trust Helger Lipmaa, N. Asokan, Valtteri Niemi
1100-1130 Break
1130-1300 Cryptography

Almost Optimal Hash Sequence Traversal Don Coppersmith, Markus Jakobsson

Message-Aware Cryptographic Primitives Philippe Golle, Stanislaw Jarecki, Ilya Minonov

CryptoComputing with rationals Pierre-Alain Fouque, Jacques Stern, Jan-Geert Wackers
Wednesday 13 March
0900-1030 Panel: Privacy vs. Security: Myth or Fiction? Rebecca Wright (moderator)
1030-1100 Break
1100-1230 Signatures

A Fast Signature Scheme without on-line Multiplication Takeshi Okamoto, Mitsuru Tada, Atsuko Miyaji

Timed Release of Standard Digital Signatures Juan Garay, Markus Jakobsson

Quasi-Efficient Revocation in Group Signatures Giuseppe Ateniese, Dawn Song, Gene Tsudik
Thursday 14 March
0900-1030 Threholds and Secret Sharing

The Dark Side of Threshold Cryptography Shouhuai Xu, Moti Yung

Split-and-Delegate: Threshold Cryptography for the Masses Dan E. Geer, Moti Yung

Redistribution of a mechanical secret's shares Yvo Desmedt, Rei Safavi-Naini, Huaxiong Wang
1030-1100 Break
1100-1230 Voting and Recommending

E-Voting Without Cryptography Dahlia Malkhi, Ofer Margo, Elan Pavlov

An Implementation of a Universally Verifiable Electronic Voting Scheme based on Shuffling Jun Furukawa, Hiroshi Miyauchi, Kengo Mori, Satoshi Obana, Kazue Sako

Financial Instruments in Recommendation Mechanisms Markus Jakobsson
Closing remarks
Nicko van Someren